World Champion Poletti Setting Suspension

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Marco Poletti, who in 1980 was a good motocross motorcyclist, was convinced that upgrading the functionality of the shock absorbers could increase the stability of his motorcycles.

During a race a bad accident slowed down his agonistic activity to the point of having to end it definitely, so he transformed his belief into an exclusive reality.
Necessity is the mother of invention, so he began "handling" suspensions at a more professional level thus discovering a deep passion for a new and fascinating universe.

The first to benefit from his experience were Walter and Andrea Bartolini, and with the passing of the racing seasons his reputation became more solid, allowing him to boast about having serviced famous off road names such as Andreani, Maddii, Puzar, Max Bartolini, Stribos, Jobè, Glover, Dolce, Gaspardone, Manneh, Moore, R.Lechein, M.Healey, L.Ward, M.Craig, Tim Ferry, J.Eming, M.Metzger, T.Vohland, J.Nilsson, Torronteras, Chiodi, Federici, Button, Rossi, Belometti, G.Vico, Lazzarini, Seguy, Micalik, Ahola, Orioli, Meoni, Passeri, Micheluz, Graziani, Minguzzi, M.Rinaldi, Minguzzi, Bricca, J.Vanni, Derosa, Kiara Fontanesi, Alessandro Botturi, Samuele Bernardini.......

He made "African rallies" with Edy Orioli, L.Manca, Lopez, D.Casteu.

From "dirt" to asphalt he received the same satisfaction and proof of his professionalism by working with people like Koyama, Poggiali, Pesek, Di Meglio, P.Nieto, Terol, Gobert, Pirovano, Chambon, Foret, Bontempi, Vincent, Ui, Dovizioso, Corsi, Pellino, Capirossi, Scalvini, Perugini, Bianco, Sabbatani, Talmacsi, Giansanti, Lai, Ballerini, Masbou, Koyama, Cluzel, J.Folger, Nagakami, Savadori, Iannone......

Thanks to Marco Poletti, all of them reached uncountable victories and four won world championships: Puzar with the 125 cc motocross in '95, , Micalik in the Enduro of 1998, Fabrizio Pirovano in the same magical year in the Supersport ss 600 and Chambon the following year and also in the World Supersport.

And ending with asphalt drifting in Super Motard with drivers such as B.Chambon, E.Seel, Bicio Bartolini, P.Cianfrocca, Gaspardone...

All this resulted in 6 World Championships titles:
Puzar Motocross 125cc in 1995,
Micalik Enduro 1998,
Fabrizio Pirovano in 1998 Supersport SS 600,
Chambon in 1999 600 Supersport,
Kiara Fontanesi 2014 and 2015 WMX champion.

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